I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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president 2012

The Media "Secretly" Loved Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry, they had a "Crush" on them!
The Media was serious about giving Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry "Soda," they tried to "Crush" Them!"
Jon tries to Ketchup with the other political candidates! Jon Hunts-Man!
Jon is a political candidate that Loves Ketchup! Jon Hunts-Man!
Jon can use the "Tomato's" thrown at him as Tomato-Paste and put America back together! "Hunts-Man!"
Rick Peer-Y would be a great President thinking he was Equal to all other Americans, Not Better than them!
Rick dropped out of Presidential Race because not a leader, just a Peer! Rick Peer-Y!
Rick Perry Realized America was Bigger than Texas so he dropped out of the Presidential Race!
It A-Pears Rick was Old and Fermented so dropped out of Presidential Race and will "Drink" to that! "Perry!"
We could have elected Rick Perry as President and then said I "Drink" to That! Rick "Perry!"
We could elect Ron Paul (Pa) as President and say we support Our Found-ing Father!
People don't want Ron to be President because they'd be "A-Palled" by him!
Give America a helping hand by voting for Ron "Paw!"
Elect Ron (Pa) as president and he will be your P-ersonal A-ssistant, hopefully for all 4 years!
Ron "Paw" is not an animal but could put his best "Foot" forward to help America as President!
As President, "Mitt" Romney has giving America a Helping-Hand "Covered!"
Mitt uses his "Noodle" and runs for President! Mitt Ramen-y!
Mitt Romney has a great Mind ("Rom=Read Only Memory!") but as President can he do whats "Right/Write?"
Mitt Rom-Knee has a great Mind! (Read Only Memory!) As President Prays ("Knee") he can do "Right/Write!"
Newt is bright/colorful and as President would provide a Troop/Gang of Rich people, but not Most Americans!
Newt "Gin-Grinch" as President would "Spoil/Ruin" America, you can "Drink" to that!
Newt is a Trooper (Ging) that as President would help make America "Rich" and Prosperous Again!
Newt Gingrich doesn't want to "Wife-Swap" he just wants to enjoy a younger woman instead!
Newt Gingrich said, "Honey, You Shrunk the KID," so I got my "BOY" a younger woman!
Newt Gingrich wants to be like a "Former President" saying Honey, I'm Only SLEEPING with this other woman!
Newt Gingrich said I was Speaker of the House, now I want to Run/Be Ruler of the House! (White House!)
Newt Gingrich said I want to be President so "Capitol Hill" will have to listen to and obey my "Capitol-List!"
If Rick becomes President and involved in a Sex Scandal, he will live up to his name! "Santorum!"
If Rick becomes President he is a "Bush-man" (San) to Toast/Drink To! (To-Rum!)
If Rick's elected President, he's a Bushman that Tore 'Em All Up! Rick San-Tor-Um!
I Drink to electing Rick/Santa as President!
Rick "Santa-Rum!"

Candidates used to Kiss Babies to help get Elected! Now they Kiss Women Hoping they don't Have Babies!
All Candidates would make a Great President! They blame someone else and find fault with others!
Media must think It is running for President, It is trying to Crush the Candidates!
What Candidate is using the Media to try to Crush the Competition?
All Americans are like Newt's "Other Woman!" Newt says, "Trust Me, We ARE going places!"
Newt must have got Media to try and Crush his Competition! He already tried to Crush his Wife and Failed!
Newt didn't use Media to Crush Competiton! He knows not to after trying to Crush his Wife!
Newt should be President! He didn't Lie to his wife! All Americans can Trust him with Other Women/Anything!
Newt can Strengthen the Economy! Look how much he already spent on his Other Woman!
If elect Newt Gingrich as President and he has Other Woman at White House, she still is not The First Lady!
Why Newt tell his wife to be Strong about his Other Woman? "Behind" every man, A "Strong" Woman!
Newt would be a perfect President! Behind every man is a Strong Woman!
Newt apologized, I Am Sorry! I meant Joking not John-King!
Al Gore: I paved the Way for a Chicken to Cross the Road!
Barack Obama: Time for a Change, get a cow, bull, pig, etc to cross road, I tired of (Eating) Chicken!
Barack Obama: Time for a Change! Change diaper, animal, something to get rid of the "Fowl" Smell!
Bill Gates: Asks Chicken, How is the Computer I Promised you since you Crossed the Road?
Bill Gates: See I have the power to keep you from crossing the road unless you pay the Bill to use my Gate!
Albert Einstein: What "Attracted" the Chicken to Cross the Road?
Bill Clinton: I Did NOT See a Chicken Cross the Road!(While Holding a Chicken after it crossed the road!)
Aristotle: Chickens cross the road, most end up in Pieces!
Barbara Walters: Asks a Chicken, How does it Feel to have Finally Crossed the Road?
Ernst Hemingway: So What? The Chicken crossed the road, UNLESS it got Hit and made it Sew-What!
Dr.Seuss: The Chicken Crossed the road, road said IT was a Load, along with that the wind blowed!
Martha Stewart: Chicken delivered eggs as promised, I saw it giving me a Birds I/Eye View!
Pat Buchanan: Lazy chicken, it was NOT "Work" for it to Cross the Road!
Nancy "Grace:" I Forgive the chicken for crossing the road, Period, thus also Grace-Period!
John Kerry: I'm NOW for the chicken to cross the road! Maybe it'll get Hit and provide Us Dinner!
Anderson Cooper, CNN: Great "Footage" of Chicken Crossing the Road!
Anderson Cooper, CNN: Great Footage, I think it's a Foot of Chicken "Across" the road!
Colin Powell: I'm on the Road to provide "National" Security for "Chickens!"
George W. Bush: Come on Chicken, Don't be "Afraid" to Cross the Line! Are ya gonna Cross It or Not?
Oprah!: "I" helped "Chickens" cross the road World-Wide! Now there's "Roosters, but NOT "FAST" Food!
Dr. Phil: Chicken, Cross the road! Don't worry, if you get Hurt along the way, I'm a "Doctor!"
Hilliary Clinton: I made the Chicken Cross the road, I'm not cooking it nor getting it a job!
John McCain: Unhappy the Chicken Crossed the road, it was a Cross-Walk but not In a Cross-Walk!
Me: The Chicken was tired of being a Feather-Wait, so it Crossed the Road!
Me: I plucked the Chicken so it was no longer a Feather-Weight, thus It Crossed The Road!

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