I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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new jokes 2012

Who is Tim Tebow/Tee-Bow? A quaterback that couldn't make it in Football, so is trying Golf instead!
Who is Tim Tebow/Teabow? A quarterback Drinks to the fact he's not good enough for a "Bowl" thats Super!
Who is Tim Tebow? A quarterback "Hunting" for a better job, maybe as a gemologist so he can get a "Ring!"
Tim Tebow? Maybe a "Cross-Bow" can help Tim and his team!
Tim Tebow? "Cross-Bow!" A quarterback walked by Faith but not with a "Sight!" Thats no Super-Bull!
God didn't answered Tim Tebow's prayer for Super-Bowl because it would leave a "Ringing" in His ear!
Colts can get back on Track if get Trained by Tressel! What a Gym/Jim "Workout!"
Colts get back on track with A Tressel! Trained by Jim in the gym!
What can Brown do?(For You?) Anything except Play Football and/or Win!

How can an Auto that is "Safe" offer "Minimum" coverage? Safe-Auto-Minimum-Coverage!
Least amount of paint, insurance, etc for an Armored Car, Safe-Auto, etc? Safe-Auto-Minimum-Coverage!
An armored car or a "Safe" auto doesn't need much Protection, THUS Safe Auto, Minimum Coverage!
How "Ring" in New Year? While Playing Horse Shoes, Get Engaged and/or Married, get or give someone a ring and/or ring a bell at the end of the year into the beginning of the next or new year!
Live Links? A) Pig before made into sausage Links! B) Parts of Electrical fuse that are LIVE! C) Try to eat a Live Pig instead of making sausage! D) You are Live with and/or filming Sausage Links, Live parts of an Electrical Fuse and/or Links of a Chain! E) You are "Fencing" with Links of a Chain!
I was Read (RED) my Rights! I was allowed to turn Right on Red!
I was NOT Read (Red) my Rights! I was NOT allowed to turn Right on Red!
No One can Turn Right on Red, thus the Right to Remain Silent! No Vehicle/Bicycle/Ect movement/turning!
You CAN turn Right on Red, thus the Right to Remain Silent! (NO Signs/Words!)
Read 'Em their Rights? Ok, I hung a sign that Reads "Right Turn on Red!" (Even after Read!)
Give Sign "Curb-Appeal," put up sign says/reads Right Turn on Red, Curb Lane Only! 
Someone OLD afraid to die? Old Yeller! (Yellow!)
Someone Young Dies! Old Yeller! (Yellow!) 

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