I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh!
1) His van goes/moves/drives/works/coasts!
2) His Parents when he was born: Gotta Gogh!
3) At a red light or stop sign? Stop-N-Gogh!
4) He hits his breaks? Stop-N-Gogh!
5) He stops writing. Stop-Pen-Gogh!
6) He "Thinks" while writing! Stall-Pen-Gogh!
7) He got a job at a Court of Common Pleas? Pleas Gogh!
8) HE is a shepherd? Ewe Gogh! (U-Gogh!)
9) He pulls the "Wool" over your eyes? Ewe Gogh! (U-Gogh!)
10) Show him or he sees a Ewe or lamb. Ewe-Gogh! (U-Gogh!)
11) Someone gets his attention? You or "U" Gogh!
12) A girl calls him! Chick-call-Gogh!
13) He leaves a girl in Awe. Chick-Awe-Gogh!
14) A relative named Hugh walks fast with a cane? Hurry-cane-Hugh-Gogh!
15) What his family or friends that he visits say to him before taking a nap. Wake me up before you Go Gogh!
16) He is Honest! Just-Gogh!
17) Someone asks him to make an egg out of blocks. "Lego-My-Egg-Gogh!"
18) Someone has not seen him for some time. A-While-A-Gogh! (A-While-Eh-Gogh!)
19) Ask him for permission. Can I Gogh?
20) He is not home. Gogh Away!
21) He is Honest and not home! Just Gogh Away!
22) He starts to dance and gets asked to stop/leave. Go-Gogh-Dancer!
23) He likes Gusto. Gogh-For-The-Gusto!
24) He gets hair in his eyes. Hair Eye Gogh! (Here I Gogh!)
25) Say "Eye" to him. Hear Eye Gogh! (Here I Gogh!)
26) He approves something. Gogh For It!
27) He hits a golf ball towards someone. Gogh Fore It!
28) He's putting. Green Gogh!
29) He is outside. Gogh Outside!
30) He sighs outside. Gogh Outsighed!
31) He tells a story/secret/something on a mountain. Gogh Tell It on a Mountain!
32) He tells a story/secret/something while getting on a horse. Gogh Tell It on a Mountain! (Mount'in!)
33) He tells a story/secret/something while hanging a picture. Gogh Tell It on a Mountain! (Mount'in!)
34) When he golfs he uses a Gogh-Tee!
35) He drinks Gogh-Tea!
36) He finds a job or starts work. Gogh-Get-A-Job!
37) He understands! Gogh-Get-It!
38) He gets/receives something. Gogh-Get-It!
39) He "Gets" someone. Gogh-Get-'EM!
40) He is below someone or something. Gogh Under!
41) He overcooks his wings. When the Gogh Wing Gets Tough!
42) Someone sees his airplane before and as it takes off. Gogh Wing, Gogh Wing, Gone!
43) You see his airplane landing and only one of its wings. Coming and Gogh Wing!
44) His "Chicken" dinner. Gogh-Wing! (Going!)
45) You see his 2-piece chicken dinner as he eats it! Gogh Wing, Gogh Wing, Gone!
46) He goes for a Chinese dinner. Gogh-For-A-Wok! (Go For A Walk!)
47) He eats some beans. Gogh Get Some Gas!
48) He digs deep wells. Wells-Far-Gogh!
49) You know him. Know Gogh!
50) He leaves or Dies! No Gogh!
51) His sister. Amy-Gogh! (Amigo!)
52) He is a hair stylist! Gogh Wash YOUR Hair!
53) He is a manicurist. Gogh cut your nails!
54) He goes to get a manicure. Gogh-Get-A-Man-I-Cure!
55) He HAS to have it ALL! EVERYTHING-Must-Gogh!
56) He gets sent to bed! Gogh to bed!
57) He gets sent to his room. Gogh to your room!
58) Ask him to say something or to make noise. Gogh make some noise?
59) He makes noise or says something. Gogh make some noise!
60) He has a fur. Gogh Fur!
61) He has a tree. Gogh Fir!
62) He goes a long way. Gogh Fur!
63) He acts like an "Animal!" Gogh-fer!
64) He is not upstairs. Gogh Downstairs!
65) Him right now. Gogh-Now!
66) He went to town. Gogh-To-Town!
67) Send him to town. Gogh-To-Town!
68) He has a GREAT time! Gogh HAVE FUN!
69) Directions to his house. Way-To-Gogh!
70) His relatives name is Poe. Poe Gogh.
71) His relative named Poe is stuck. Poe Gogh Stick!
72) He wins a trip/vacation to a bay. Winnie-Bay-Gogh!
73) He asks Diddy where someone or something is?  Where-Diddy-Gogh
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The other ear he did NOT cut off! Gogh's Other Side!
Give him an Olive Garden! Olive Garden To Gogh! (Olive Garden To Go!)
Give him any food! To Gogh!
He orders you to give him any food! To Gogh Order!
You are ordered to give him any food! To Gogh Order!
His ear after it was cut off! Ear-Loom! (Heirloom!)
A goddess is by him! Iris-Is-By-Vincent Van Gogh! (Irises By Vincent Van Gogh!)
He drew a picture of an eye or a goddess! Iris-Is-By-Vincent Van Gogh! (Irises By Vincent Van Gogh!)
He invents the van, puts a vent in a van or Vents while in a van! "Inventing Van Gogh!"
His car is over a bridge! Car-Gogh's-Over-Bridge! (Car Goes Over Bridge!)
His truck is over a bridge! Truck-Gogh's-Over-Bridge! (Truck Goes Over Bridge!)
His globe is round! World Gogh's Round!
Show or tell him the wheels on a bus are round and round! The Wheels On The Bus Gogh Round And Round!
He is outside or goes out the window! Gogh Out The Window!
He removes  a window! Gogh Out The Window!
His pictures or pictures of him! Gogh's Photography!
He is hunting a pheasant! Gogh's Pheasant Hunting!
His enemy or foes toe! Goghs Foe-toe! (Goghs Photo/Goes Photo!)
He gets a physical or is physically fit! Gogh's Physical! (Goes Physical!)
His Registration or he gets registered for something! Gogh's Registration! (GOES-Registration!)
He "Scans" a rapids or something or someone rapidly! Gogh's-Rapid-Scan! (GOES-Rapid-Scan!)
His "Radar!" Gogh's Radar! (GOES Radar!)
He rides animals or "Game!" Gogh's Rider Games! (Goes Rider Games!)
He plays games riding a motorcycle, horse, etc! Gogh's Rider Games!
He plays golf at a "Cup!" Gogh's Rider Games! (Goes Ryder Games/Ryder Cup!)
He is nowhere and does nothing! Gogh's Nowhere And Does Nothing!
You call him or another Gogh and you get voice mail! Call Gogh's Right To Voice Mail!
He or which Gogh treats fish nice? What Gogh's Nice With Fish?
Ask him if he is OK! OK Gogh?
He is OK! Ok, Gogh!
Some people want his paintings! "Lets" Gogh!
Someone lets him paint or do something! Letting Gogh!
Tell him he never lets you do anything! Never Let Me Gogh!
He tells someone they never let him do anything! Never Let Me Gogh!
He is a ninja! Ninja Gogh!
He is a ninja great at using his legs! Ninja-Gogh-Leg-Oh!
He leans or is "Lean" in Kashi! Kashi-Gogh-Lean!
He is lean and does "Crunches" in Kashi! Kashi-Gogh-Lean-Crunch!
He paints a tree or shrub! Cypress Van Gogh!
He puts mulch, a tree or a shrub on or in a van! Cypress Van Gogh!
He sighs and presses a van! Sigh-Press-Van-Gogh!
Cy presses him! Cy-Press-Van Gogh!
His relative Kay Gogh! Kay-Gogh! (KGO!)
Kay puts him on TV or gives him a TV! K-Gogh-TV! (KGO-TV!)
His relative Kay Gogh's TV! Kay-Gogh's-TV! (KGO-TV!)
His relative Kay Gogh's Tea or tee! Kay-Gogh-Tea/Tee! (KGOT!)
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Gogh is an "Auctioneer!/Auction-Ear!" Gogh-Ing, going, GONE!
Gogh see if this Ear is Irreplaceable/Ear-Replaceable!
He is Not right! Do you "Ear" me? Gogh's Wrong!
What he said when he cut off his ear! Gogh's Out To The One I Love!
Tell the one you love that you got Gogh Out or Outside! Gogh's Out To The One I Love!
He or a Gogh numbs a hand! Hand Gogh's Numb!  
Hand him or a Gogh something while they are numb! Hand Gogh's Numb!
He or a Gogh leaves someone at the altar! Gogh's Off Without A Hitch!
He is no longer tense! Gogh's Past Tense!
What he used to be tense about! Gogh's Past Tense!
He or a Gogh uses a camper now! Gogh's Past Tents! (Gogh's Past Tense!)
Hike is his or a Gogh's "Pass" word! Gogh's Pass-Word!
Say his name or Stop in a game! Gogh's Part of Speech! (Gogh, Gogh, Stop!)
He or a Gogh no longer cries over a lost or ruined pillow! Gogh's Over A Pillow!
He or a Gogh golfs and hits the golfball off of the course! Gogh's Off Course!
He or a Gogh eats dessert before any other course! Gogh's Off Course!
He or a Gogh is not at or leaves a golf course! Gogh's Off Course!
His or a Gogh has Bug Spray or is Not working! Gogh's Off!
Ask him or a Gogh when October is! When October Gogh's!
You like his artwork once in a while or he occasionally claims who he is! Gogh's Occasionally!
Baby or tanning oil is his or another Gogh's! Gogh's Oil!
He says the world is round! The World Gogh's Round!
He travels all around the world! The World Gogh's Round!
He paints the world "Round!" The World Gogh's Round!
He or other Gogh's at Old Georgetown! There Gogh's Old Georgetown!
Show and/or tell him or other Gogh's Old Georgetown! There, Gogh's, Old Georgetown!
An old Gogh named Betsy has Bangs or goes Bang! Bang Gogh's Old Betsy!
Gogh is where his paintings are (Well) liked! Gogh Where He Pleases!
He and his family are cold or eating chili! Gogh's With Chili!
He and other Gogh's let you know they really like a car! Car Gogh's  Woo-Woo!
He and other Gogh's whistle and woo! Whistle Gogh's Woo!
He and other Gogh's didn't draw, paint nor talk! Gogh's Without Saying!
He and other Gogh's had laryngitis! Gogh's Without Saying!
It is wrong to prank Gogh or his family! Prank Gogh's Wrong!
It's wrong for Gogh or his family to prank others! Prank Gogh's Wrong!
He or other Goghs fish! Keeping It Reel!
He or other Gogh's don't lie or are not wrong! Keeping It Real!
He or other Gogh's own land in or visit Wyoming! Gogh's Wyoming!
His or other Gogh's definition of 3 Feet or a yard/lawn! Gogh's Yard Meaning!
His or other Gogh's yams! Gogh's Yams!
Ask how his or other Gogh's ewe/lamb is! How Gogh's Ewe? (How Gogh's You?)
You say "How" to Gogh or Gogh says How to you! How Gogh's You!
What song does he or other Gogh's NOT want to hear? What Song Gogh's Woah, Woah?
What song he or other Gogh's sing while riding and stopping a horse! What Song Gogh's Woah, Woah!
What song he or other Gogh's sing while their voice is "Hoarse!" What Song Gogh's "Woah, Woah!"
He goes to Tyre and Sidon. Gogh Tyre and Sidon!  
He is tired and stops sighing after finished. Gogh-Tire-And-Sigh-Done!
Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley
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