I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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SuperBowl 2012

Half of Superbowl 46 is Pre-Madonna!
Both teams will be bad all Superbowl 46! Neither can Perform as good as Madonna at half-time in minutes!
The best "Play" of Superbowl 46 will be the half time "Show" with Madonna!
Madonna at half-time of Superbowl 46: The Spotlight showing Everybody Where's The Party as she Drowned the World with a Bedtime Story of Forbidden Love while giving us some Skin! (Pig-Skin!) Sing about a player "Nobody Knows Me" so Dress You Up so "Beat" Goes On and I'll Remember you became a Runaway Lover with The Look of Love Burning Up football "Fever" though Love Dont Live HERE!
New Yorks quarterback is not Manning his position well, 'E Lie (Eli) on his back/on the ground!
New England doesn't have to have a "Brady-Bunch," just enough from To-M-ake them Win!
New England will make winning Superbowl 2012 "Childs-Play" with their Brady-Bunch!
Half Time Show? No, All the time they show us how bad they are with every play!
Is N.F.L No Fans Left because team so good they want to stay or so bad every fan left?
When New England and/or New York (Any Team/Player) doesn't lose the ball and/or yardage? A "First" Down!
What Down is it when New England and/or New York (Any Team/Player) actually scores? "First" Down!"
Its not Super-Bull to "Imagine" New York winning! Lets see if "Giants" are for Real!
Every Patriot knows New York should be National champs if they Soar like Eagles and have Great things in Store! Giant "Eagle's" are already Nationwide and Ring in Orders every day including Soup and Bowls! Was it a "Little-Birdie" that told me?
New England hired Jack and his Bean-Stalk to help Spy on the Giants in New York! Now they can have a Ball firing Patriot Missles to be winners! Don't have a Cow! It may sound like "Super-Bull" but it does have a "Ring" to it as they Eat them Up! "Giant-Sighs!" (Size!)
New England stays on their toes firing Missles! Patriot Missles and/or Missle-Toe/Mistle-Toe! "Kiss" the Giants Good-Bye!
As New England "Plays" ball, see if their Patriot "Act" is good enough to have a Ring to it!
Will New York or New England Ring in the New Year in a Super Way? Both will have a Ball trying!
Super-Bull is Giant! New England is a true Patriot coming to Propose to New York! It'll be a ball seeing who "Scores" the Most! If they don't get a Ring, then they didn't get "Merry'D!"
Why did I tell my jokes to a Giant, a Football Player and/or a Football Team? I wanted Giant Sighs/Size!
Why are my jokes really Super-Bull? Like all Patriots ("Know") THEY provide Giant Sighs in a Big way!
If New York loses the Super-Bowl, they can still win providing Vegetables! Green Giant, maybe Green with Envy!
My jokes are great and help make your Bowl Super with Vegetables! New York will be Green with Envy, thus Green Giant!
When New York loses they can have a Ball trying golf! It doesn't have a Ring, but does have a hole! Green Giants!
Why should the Giants move from New York to Virginia? They have a Slim chance of winning and could at least make it as cigarettes!  
What is a Random joke? New York and New England players! They all Ran Dumb! I know, it is NOT "Catchy!"
How can New England and/or New York not worry about "Touchdowns" in the Superbowl? Have "Home-Land" Security/Insurance!
What's 47 people/ Any #of people around a TV and/or Watching the Superbowl? A Patriot Trying in a Big (Giant) way to have a ball!
Since New York plays like Vegetables, Season Ticket Holders have a Giant Advantage! (Green Giant!)
New York and/or New England Snuck in a score earlier in the game! Quarter-Back Sneak!
Why New York and/or New England (Any Team/Fan/Player )keep thinking they scored? Fourth and Goal!
Why New York and/or New England (Any Team/Player) only score in 4Th Quarter? (Used to) Fourth and Goal!
Fans, anyone are "Giant" Patriots watching Super-Bull with New York and New England! Even Stevie Wonder can't believe what he See's!
Ask any New York Giants, New England and/or any other Team/Player what is a Goal "Post?" "Post-ed" No Tresspassing!
Any football player, team and/or fan will like/love my jokes! They can (Finally) experience a Goal-Line!
When have a Score Card in football? You "Joke" about New England and/or New York actually "Scoring!"
How "Sack" a quarterback? Tell him it is Bedtime!
How "Sack" a quarterback? Send his lunch with him!
What coach gets a kick out of punters? One that can't get his team to score!
Why football players need make eating "Cereal" a Priority? So can know what a Goal "Post" really is!
Why football players need make eating "Cereal" a Priority? To experiecne a Goal "Post!"
Football team has "Players," but not with "Footballs!"
Copyright 2012 Bryan Schooley

Who is Tim Tebow/Tee-Bow? A quaterback that couldn't make it in Football, so is trying Golf instead!
Who is Tim Tebow/Teabow? A quarterback Drinks to the fact he's not good enough for a "Bowl" thats Super!
Who is Tim Tebow? A quarterback "Hunting" for a better job, maybe as a gemologist so he can get a "Ring!"
Tim Tebow? Maybe a "Cross-Bow" can help Tim and his team!
Tim Tebow? "Cross-Bow!" A quarterback walked by Faith but not with a "Sight!" Thats no Super-Bull!
God didn't answered Tim Tebow's prayer for Super-Bowl because it would leave a "Ringing" in His ear!
Colts can get back on Track if get Trained by Tressel! What a Gym/Jim "Workout!"
Colts get back on track with A Tressel! Trained by Jim in the gym!
What can Brown do?(For You?) Anything except Play Football and/or Win!

Copyright 2012 Bryan Schooley
Football? Yes, they get more yards "Kicking" (Punting) the ball every game!
Football Fans? They Blew it so they are the real football Fans!
Football? Its a miracle if the offense moves the football an inch much less a Foot!
They always feel at Home playing football, they lose yards so its "Back-Yards!"
The punter/kicker can say, are YOU Ready for some Football? Or, is that ready for A Football?
An angry girl asked are you ready for some "Foot-Ball?"
1st and Goal? 1st time got a good play, so now their goal to do it again!
Touch Down? Defense touched us so we're Down!
We always get a Touchdown! The defence always touches us and we're Down!
Fantasy Football? It's most of the players/coaches/teams Fantasy to be able to Play Football, and to Win!
Fantasy Football? Its that players/teams Fantasy to catch/run the football during a game!
Are you Ready for some football? Four sum would be the total score after 4 quarters of play!
Are you Ready for some football? We fans are ready for you to catch/run the football sometime!
Are you Ready for some football? Yes, Ready for a good time/performance/Win/1st Down and tired for you letting your fans Down!
Most fans Know Howie Long! How We Long for a 1st down, good performance, good game, a score/good score, a Playoff Game, a Superbowl apperance, a Superbowl Ring, etc!
Our football player/team has dirty clothes! Never Tied (Tide) and No Gain, though they do just Wisk the ball!
Did that player/team lose their home, or just yards?
Our team is actually Happy with Loss of "Downs!"
A play caused a coach to throw the red flag, he wanted to "Dodge" the bad play/call with a "Challenger!"
A play was out of this world so coach threw red flag to be like an astronaut! "Challenger!"
"Ruling" on the field stands! Three Feet is still 1 yard and 100 yards is a field! Make a Goal to Post this!
Through the Uprights? Quarterback threw the ball up, right? The Player caught the thrown ball, right?
Why does player/team have so many turnovers? Hungry!
Why does player/team have so many turnovers? Practicing to be a Chef/Cooking Skills!
Roughing the Passer? Fans/etc bark/act like a dog to pass time while watching such poor football!
Roughing the Passer? They play football so bad it makes it Rough for Father Time as he Passes by!
Roughing the Passer? They made it rough for time to pass as bad as they played!
Unnecessary Roughness? Unnecessary we have to bark/act like a dog to pass time watching poor football!
Unnecessary Roughness? Unnecessary they make it so rough to watch them play football badly!
Quarterback Sneak? Quarterback actually tries to Sneak in a good play!
Pass Interference? The other teams Defense!
Pass Interference? Our offence!
Pass Interference? Our player/team actually made a pass play and interfered with how they normally play!
Copyright 2012 Bryan Schooley  
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