I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Space Too

Astronauts go East of Eden since they don't want to be "Flame-Broiled!" East Of Eden! (Flames Guard'In Eden!)
Astronauts eat an Angel-Food-Cake in space! The Exterminating Angels!
Astronauts are In-Love with shaking a sphere or ball in space! Shake-Sphere In Love!
Astronauts shake a sphere/tennis ball while in Love in space! Shake-Sphere-In-Love!
Astronauts are fools for being in space or a spaceship! Ship Of Fools!
Astronauts find a "Being" in space! Being-There!
The astronauts have "SPACE" to Cry/Cry-In! Space-Bawls! (Space Balls!) 

Astronauts act like they have Orange-Juice in Space! Pulp Fiction! Got-TANG-Goaled-UP Instead!
Those who made the Space Shuttles! The "Producers!"
Astronauts have "Detergent" to "Tide" them over in space! High and Low!
Astronauts see or meet "Mother Nature" in space! Mother!
Astronauts Yell at their Shuttle to WORK! Now, Voyager!
Astronauts eat little or a "Little" salad in space! Little Caesar!
Astronauts eat pizza or a "Little" pizza in space! Little Caesar!
A chef astronaut "Whips" up some mayonaise in space! The "Miracle" Worker!
An astronaut is NOT lost in space! I know where I am going!
An astronaut does not leave the shuttle in space! Insider! OR The Insider!
Someone got drunk and woke up in space! It Happened One Night!
Astronauts shuttle breaks down 1 foot inside of Heaven! One Foot In Heaven!
Astronauts only loved being in space one night! One Night Of Love!
Astronauts share or "Split" potatos in space! One Potato, Two Potato!
Astronauts while Still IN space! Out Of The Past!
Astronauts are out of a meteor shower in space! Out Of The Past! (Pass-ing Shower!)
Astronauts over the Earth while returning from space! Over-Land'rs! (Over Lander's!)
Astronauts as they're returning from space! The Homecoming!
Astronauts find a "Secret" way to India in space! A Passage To India!
Anna fulfills her Passion of being an astronaut in space! The Passion Of Anna!
Astronauts eat candy in space! Payday!

Astronauts Cry About Space, something they lost or they miss in space! Space Bawls! (Space Balls!)
Astronauts go through a meteor shower in space on a Monday! Stormy Monday!
Astronauts "Wrestle" in space! "Sleeper!"
See an Astronauts face in a crowd of Aliens in space! A "Face" In The Crowd!
A law is passed forcing the astronauts to land or leave space! "Down-By-Law!"
Astronauts are in space Before the Sky starts "Falling!" Before Night Falls!
Can only a Starship "Shoot" a star? Shooting Star!
How or What can shoot a star? A Star-Ship can be Shooting-Star!
Make Shooting Stars your "Business" with Star-Ship "Enterprise!"
Astronauts get PAID to be Afraid in space! The Wages Of Fear!
Astronauts play cards in space! The War-Game!
Astronauts try to find a "Face" to face in space! Face To Face!
Astronauts have Masks or multipul or split personalities in space! Faces!
An astronaut, someone or something stands up to a situation in space! Face To Face!
Astronauts get an Angel to Exterminate pests, rodents, or aliens in space! The Exterminating Angel!
The astronauts have less infants in space due to it being Paradise! Les Enfants Du Paradis!
The astronauts are NOT allowed entry into space! Entry-No-Us! (Entry-Nous!)
The astronauts talk to Aliens to get entry into space! Entry-Know-Us! (Entry-Nous!)
Astronauts in space! The Search!
Astronauts that are or were in space! The Searchers!
Astronauts push and pull the shuttle in space when it breaks down! The Shop Around The Corner!
Astronauts travel through a musical "Sound" in space! The Sound Of Music!
A salesman's "Sales" die down or stop in space! Death Of A Salesman!
Astronauts do things in pairs in space! The Duellists!
Astronauts duel in space! The Duellist!
Astronauts make a list of who or what they duel with in space! The Duel-List!
What you tell Astronauts once they get into space! Don't Look Back!
What astronauts say when leaving space to return to Earth! Don't EVER Look Back!
Astronauts remember Life on Earth while in space! The Way We Were!
Astronauts when they return home from space! The Way We Were!
Astronauts take Cereal and Board Games to space for the Angels! The "Dream-Life" Of Angels!
Astronauts see Angel's "Dreamlife" in space! The Dreamlife Of Angels!
Astronauts get twice the amount of Indemnity in space! Double Indemnity!
Astronaut Bo does something dumb in space! Dumb-Bo! (Dumbo!)
Astronauts live and explore in a "Space" everyone else forgot about! Living in Oblivion!
Astronauts "Remember" being in space and are mad not there now! Look Back In Anger!
Astronauts spend a whole weekend "Lost" in space! The Lost Weekend!
Astronauts TRY to play tennis in space! Love!
Aliens or other astronauts want an astronaut that played tennis in space to come back! Lover Come Back!
The astronauts that play tennis in space! The Lovers!
Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley

An astronaut is a "Key" player in space! The Pianist!
Astronauts talk in their sleep in space! Pillow Talk!
Astronauts talk about having pillows in space! Pillow Talk!
Astronauts build a place to stay/live in the sun! A Place In The Sun!
Someone acts like an astronaut or astronaut in space! The Player!
Astronauts have FUN in space! Playtime!
An astronaut takes or has a pretty baby in space! Pretty Baby!
Astronauts put Nothing on their sundae's in space! Never On Sundae's! (Sunday!)
Where or what astronauts do not go nor do in space on a Sunday! Never On Sunday!
Astronauts do not WORK on Sundays! Never On Sunday!
An astronaut's foot that left Earth! My Left Foot!
Astronauts do not "Belong" or "Fit In" in space! The Misfits!
Astronauts cannot find the moon, sun, stars, plants nor anything in Space! Missing!
An astronaut or all the astronauts get lost in space! Missing!
An astronaut sings or plays music in space! The "King" And I!
A female astronaut gets lost in space! The Lady Vanishes!
"Larry's" wife is an astronaut that has a "Ball" in space! Lady-Bird, Lady-Bird!
Astronaut "Michael" returning from space and having a ball! Here Comes Mr. Jordan!
An astronaut that will not leave the shuttle without a "Suit" on in space! Nobody's Fool!
Mice are found in the shuttle in space! Of Mice And Men!
It's TRUE astronauts play a "Game" in space! One FALSE Move!
Astronauts "Crave" cereal and/or boardgames in space! Lust For Life!
Astronauts eat or make potato's in space! M-A-S-H!
Astronauts say stars, asteroids, aliens, planets, etc make it hard to get through space! Mean Streets!
Astronaut's memories of Outer Space! Memories Of Underdevelopment!
An astronaut gets Morgans "Creak" to stop in space! Miracle of Morgan's Creak! (Creek!)
Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley
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