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Astronauts argue over Who opens a "Star-Shaped Gate" or Gate into a "Star!" StarGate and Star-Wars!
Astronauts Continue to argue over Who opens a "Star-Shaped Gate" or Gate into a "Star!" StarGate-Continuum!
Astronauts argued about "Star-Gate" too long and ended up with "Star-Crash" and "Star-Wars!"
An astronaut said I said we'd make it thru Star-Gate! So we are IN "Star-Gate, The ARK Of Truth!"
Astronauts clone themselves so don't have to be part of "Star" Wars! Star-Wars:The Clone Wars!
Astronauts clone themselves to fight their "Star" wars! Star-Wars:Attack-Of-The-Clones!
Astronauts START to Agree about their "Star" wars! Star-Wars:A-New-Hope!
An astronaut "DENNIS" TRIED to clone himself for their "Star" wars! Star-Wars:The-Phantom-"MENACE!"
The astronauts don't get "StarGate" open and a Star named "Empire" hits the back of the shuttle! Star-Wars:The-"Empire"-Strikes-BACK!
Astronauts get tears in their eyes! Front-Tear Astronauts! (Frontier Astronauts!)
Astronauts cry "Flying" in a plane after their Last Shuttle mission! Front-Tear-Airlines! (Frontier Airlines!)
Astronauts cry on their last/Final mission! Astronauts Final Front-Tear! (Astronauts Final Frontier!)
"AFinalFrontier!" OOPS! "Space! A Final Frontier!"
Astronauts wait to cry about their Final mission. "Space, A Final Front-Tear!" ("Space, A Final Frontier!)
Astronauts will star in a movie taking tests in Space!  Space, a "Final" Frontier!
Astronauts will star in a movie about their Final mission! "Space, A Final Frontier!"
Astronauts will make a film remembering Everything they Did or Cereal they Ate in space! Total-Recall!
Astronauts Will Fly Again! They will "Star" in a Movie "Space-Invaders!"
One Giant Leap For Man-Kind? Woman are better, there's a "Woman IN The Moon!"
Plus, Women have Pets on the moon! There are some "Cat-Women" Of The Moon now!
More than one President was IN the moon giving us "FIRST-Men IN The Moon!"
A "President" had to be an astronaut for "FIRST-Man Into Space!"
A "President's" wife can be an astronaut for "FIRST-Lady Into Space!"
An astronaut tripped out the door to experience "A TRIP To The Moon!"
An astronaut named Robinson's crew sewed on the word Mars, sewed, sowed and/or said So, Sew or Sow while on Mars.  "Robinson Crew-Sew/Crew-Sow/Crew-So On Mars!" (Robinson Crusoe On Mars!)
An astronaut saw only ONE Outer Space out the window! "Space Odd-A-See!" (Space Odyssey!)
One astronaut Cuts the Power in Half then says, "I HALVE (Have) The Power!"
The astronaut "In Charge" said, "I Am The MASTER Of The UNIVERSE!"
Another astronaut says, NO! WE Are ALL MASTERS Of The UNIVERSE!
An astronaut gets cleaning supplies and exiting says, "Mission Star-DUST!"
An astronaut uses "Environmental" cleaning supplies for a Clean Environment! "MISSION STAR-DUST!"
An astronaut gets Building Supplies and Exits saying, "Mission-TWO: Mars!" ("Mission To Mars!")
An astronaut wants to cut a candy bar in half! Why? Mission: TWO "Mars!"
An astronaut wants to make a "Cheesie" movie! Catch a mouse/mice on the moon! "Moon-Trap!"
An astronaut playing golf says darn, "Moon-Trap!" Now I'll have "Moon-Raker!"
Astronauts starring in a movie say our jobs Are/Were/Will-Be "OUT Of THIS WORLD!"
Astronauts say they couldn't GO too far when Outside In Space! "Outer Limits!"
Astronauts say they couldn't STAY Outside too long while in Space! "Outer Limits!"
An astronaut didn't Win while (Playing/Playing Games) In "Space!" "Lost In Space!"
Astronauts make a movie/TV Series about NOT winning Playing/Playing Games In Space! "LOST-In-Space!"
The shuttle breaks down and astronauts are stranded or shipwrecked! Stranded: Naufrago's!
An astronaut is in space with no gravity says this is "Super" man! Superman!
An astronaut sees a Nova and says that is "SUPER!" Super-Nova!
The astronauts shuttle runs into a Star causing a "Super-Nova!" Super-Nova!

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The astronauts Dance in Space! Space-Balls!
The astronauts play ball or with balls in space! Space-Balls!
An astronaut Cries in space! Space-Bawls! (SpaceBalls!)
The astronauts Lose Power! Solar Crisis!
An astronaut sets up a tent in space! Space-Camp!
An astronaut playing cards says Look! "Queen" of Outer Space!
The astronauts are "Scared" or they are "Scary!" The Terror-Nauts!
The astronauts are NOT scared nor scary! The Terror-Nots! (The Terror-Nauts!)
An astronaut said its hard to golf in space! The Black Hole!
We left through the "Star" gate! Star "Ship" Exit-Er! (Starship Exeter!)
An astronaut left something valuable on a planet and said Look! Treasure-Planet!
Astronauts see a planet they really like or is great/rare/precious! Treasure Planet and/or Precious Find!
The astronauts see/experience/witness something Amazing/Unbelieveable! "Alien Resurrection!"
The astronauts are sent into outer space without enough fuel to return! MAROONED!
The astronauts have a Detachable container of Cereal and/or Boardgames! "Life-Pod!"
An astronaut brings a hitchhiker aboard for Help! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!
An astronaut brings hitchhikers aboard to show them around! The hitchhikers "Guide" to the Galaxy!
The astronauts have to turn around or die! Humanities End!
The astronauts get to do their own thing today! Independence Day!
An astronaut that hates to Play Games is "IT In Space And At Home!" The Terror From Beyond Space!
The astronauts leave the 6th planet and head toward the 7th planet! Journey To The 7th Planet!
The astronauts listen to "Music" on the way to the 7th planet! "JOURNEY" To The 7th Planet!
The astronauts listen to "Music" going to the far side of the sun! "JOURNEY" To The Far Side Of The Sun!
An astronaut named Jason uses "X" to play a "Game" in space but says Oh! Jason X!
An astronaut while landing says look! This Is-Land, Earth! (This Island Earth!)
Landing, an astronaut says Look! This I-Land (On) Earth! (This Island Earth!)
An astronaut while looking out a window says Look! This "Island" (Is) Earth! (This Island Earth!)
An astronaut points to a star and says I didn't know "Stars" wore panty-hose! Star-Runners!
An astronaut says that star looks in good shape! Star-Runners!
An astronaut told/made Everyone eat wings! Wing-Commander!
The astronauts Think they see a Planet! The Phantom Planet!
The astronauts see/take/put a 4th leprechaun in space! Leprechaun 4: IN Space!
Astronauts like Jet-Sons but not "Dogging" them!  "(Astronauts) Astro-Not's and Jetsons!"
An astronaut builds a fire in the shuttle while in space! Fire-Fly!
Four astronauts Bid/Claim something they see is a Planet! Four-Bidd'in Planet! (Forbidden Planet!)
Where do astronauts get their water? The Fountain!
Pirates bring the astronauts ice while in space! The Ice Pirates!
Pirates steal ice from the astronauts while in space! The Ice Pirates!
The astronauts see pirates Frozen in Time in space! The Ice Pirates!
The astronuauts see someone or something chasing them! Hunter Prey!
Astronauts celebrate Blakes 7th birthday! Blakes 7!
An Astronaut named Jason dies while in space! Jason X!
Astronauts eat veal so they can have "Space-Cow-Boys!"
An astronaut ate too much of something really good! The Right Stuff!
Feed astronauts too much of a something really good! The Right Stuff!
The astronauts take/use/spray Bug-Spray in space! Space-Raid'ers! (Space Raiders!)
The astronauts play football in space! Space-Raiders!

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The astronauts "TREK" through space, from star to star, maybe the shuttle broke down and/or maybe They're making a movie doing so! Star-Trek!
The astronauts take a "Credit Card" to a Country that does't have any while Trek-ing in space! Star Trek The Un-Discovered Country!
Thats a credit card thats "Out Of This World" astronauts give while Trek-ing in space! Star Trek The Un-Discovered Country!
Star TREK-ING "Fays" two astronauts together! Star-TREK-Fays-Two! (Star Trek Phase II!)
The second time any astronauts experince Star-TREK in space! Star-Trek-Phase II!
They make a movie or show a picture of the astronauts as they "TREK!" Star-Trek-The "Motion" Picture!
The astronauts TREK in space to look for someone named "Spock!" Star-Trek-The Search-For-"Spock!"
Astronauts Trek in space going/heading for home! Star Trek The Voyage Home!
The last time astronauts cry while they Trek in space! Star Trek The Final Front-Tear/Frontier!
The astronauts TREK in space and are Angry they have to eat Hot Dogs! Star Trek The Wrath of "Kahn/Khan!"
An astronaut named Khan or is a Khan Trek's in space and is angry! Star Trek The Wrath Of "Khan!"
An astronaut is a Khan that Treks in space and is angry not the Ruler/Leader! Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan!
An astronaut is "Cawn/Corny" while they Trek in space and others angry about it! Star Trek The Wrath OF Cawn/Khan!
An astronaut is NOT "Cawn/Corny" while Treking in space and the others angry not telling Jokes! Star Trek The Wrath of Cawn/Khan!
NO JOKE! Also, Not a "My-Grain!" An Astronaut was not "Cawn/Corny" Trek-ing in space!
Astronaut are angry they have to eat "Cawn/Corn" while Trek-ing in space! Star Trek The Wrath Of Cawn/Khan!
What a "My-Grain!" Astronauts are angry they had to eat "Cawn/Corn" Trek-ing in space!
Astronauts find out after Treking in space that Shuttle Wasn't broke and are angry! Star Trek The Wrath Of "Con/Khan!"
Astronauts thinks its "Criminal" and are angry they had to Trek through space! Star Trek The Wrath Of "Con/Khan!"
Astronauts are angry they had to Trek in space to get to Conn/Connecticut! Star Trek The Wrath Of "Conn/Khan!" (Once in the Earth's atmosphere they had a "Falling Away" of getting there to Conn/Connecticut!)
An astronaut named Luke Treks in space! Luke-Sky-Walker!
An astronaut named Luke needs a "Walker" to Trek in space! Luke-Sky-Walker!
Why is the man ON the moon? The whole World is the stage, so as the World "TURNS," he can watch, or he is working the spotligt! (Moon Light!) He may brighten the moon so it'll be "Moon-Lit-Sky!" He may be using "Moon-Beams" to build a stage that is "Out of this World" so it is also "Moon OVER Miami!" He may be using Moon-Beams to build a "Flight-To-Mars!" The Moon-Beams "Broke" so he experienced "Destination Moon" while he used new Moon Beams to create "Moon-02!" (Moon #2!") He also brought a "Missle to the Moon" to help him with "Star-Wars!" The Man on the Moon was KIND to take giant leaps to build steps on the MOON! Now it's "1 Small Step" for a man, BUT it is "One GIANT LEAP" For (A) "MAN-KIND! (ManKind!)
The project to make the moon a SAFE or to get OUT! Project Moonbase!
When the astronauts get on each others NERVES! A Race To "Space!"
There is an astronaut from each "Race" in space! "Race" To Space!
The astronauts walk or run "On-Air" (With No Gravity) in space! Silent Running!
The shuttle's motor is very quiet in space! Silent Running!
When the astronauts fall asleep until someone Snores in space! Silent Running!

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The astronauts "Trek" for a Long, Long time! Star-Trek-Generations!
An astronauts family has been a Star-Trek'r for generations! Star-Trek-Generations!
The first astronaut to get sick or take medicine while on a Star-Trek! Star-Trek-First-Contact!
The first astronaut to wear "Contacts" while on a Star-Trek! Star-Trek-First-Contact!
The first astronaut to make any "Eye Contact" while on a Star-Trek in space! Star-Trek-First-Contact!
The astronauts Overtake leadership while on a Star-Trek! Star-Trek-Insurrection!
The astronauts act like they overtake leadership while on a Star-Trek! Star-Trek-Insurrection! (In "Action!")
The astronauts shuttle breaks down while they trek on a star! Star-Trek-Nemesis!
The astronauts can't find their way back to the shuttle while they trek from star to star! Star-Trek-Nemesis!
The source of harm/defeat to astronauts that trek ON a star or TO-And-FROM stars! Star-Trek-Nemesis!
Astronauts have NO NOR see any Dogs in space! Astro-Nots! (Astronauts!)
An astronaut wants an E on the wall in the future/from now on! Wall-E!
An astronaut wants or makes an E-Shaped wall! Wall-E!
An astronaut puts an E on a wall! Look! Wall-E!
An astronaut sees another astronaut who is "Wally" and says Look! Wally! (Look! Wall-E!)
An astronaut gets "Close" to a 3rd "Kind" astronaut! Close-Encounters-Of-The-Third-Kind!
An astronaut works close/next to a 3rd "Kind" astronaut! Close Encounters Of The Third Kind!
Three kind astronauts "Count of N's" is Close, not off by much! Close N-Counters Of The Third Kind!
An astronaut with no oxygen says yonder is "Wild" while turning Blue! The Wild-Blue-Yonder!
An astronaut says yonder is wild and blue! The Wild Blue Yonder!
Someone see's men/astronauts in the Dark while in space! Men-In-Black!
Someone see's 2 men/astronauts in the Dark while in space! Men-In-Black-II !!!
Someone see's 2 or more men and women in the Dark while in space! Men-In-Black-Too!
An astronaut goes "OUT" in the Dark-Space and throws a baseball/softball/ball! Pitch-Black!
Astronauts force someone or get forced to "Eat Cereal," play a "Board-Game" or LIVE in space! LIFE-FORCE!
Bring all astronauts back to go into space together! Total Recall!
A movie about everything all astronauts experienced in space! Total Recall!
The astronauts are In space or heading back to Earth and see it! "Face The Nation!"
Kirk and Doug are astronauts and Doug stays behind a lot or doesn't go on missions! Kirk-Doug-Less!
An astronaut puts "Gum" on the "Moon!" "ORBIT The Moon!"
An astronaut has to be tired! (Especially after 21 centuries!) ZZZ-Non/Z-non/Zenon Girl of the 21st Century!
The astronauts get no sleep! ZZZ-Non/Z-Non/Zenon!
An astronaut see's an enemy in space and says "Enemy Mine!" (My/Mine Enemy!)
The astronauts see an enemies "Mine!" Enemy Mine!
An astronaut says I got/will get rid of this enemy! Enemy MINE!
The astronauts 3rd trip to Saturn! Saturn 3!
The 3rd astronaut on Saturn! Saturn 3!
Three Astronauts stay on Saturn! Saturn 3!
The astronauts get a 3rd car! Saturn 3!
The astronauts find being in space peaceful and relaxing! Serenity!
The astronauts find being back from space peaceful and relaxing! Serenity!
The astronauts went to space thinking the World was going to end in 1999! Space:1999!
Astronauts play with trucks in outer space! Space Truckers!
Astronauts see or visit a Star shaped like or made of Crystal! Space Crystal!
The astronauts name a Star Crystal! Star Crystal!
The astronauts find or make more than one way to/through space! Space-Ways!
The astronauts find or make more than one way to Live/survive/stay in space! Space-Ways!

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Astronauts FIGHT Colds in space! CONTACT!
Space Conquers the astronauts! Conquest of SPACE!
The astronauts take an "Extra" 'Terrestrial' to Space and call it "E.T!" E.T. The EXTRA-Terrestrial!
Astronauts take extra Terrestrial to space in case they need LAND or help to LAND! The Extra-Terrestrial!
The astronauts take "Terrestrial" to space to put on their gear! LANDing-Gear!
The astronauts take someone or something Terrestrial to Space to truly experience "Heaven and Earth!"
Astronaut Gordon moves Fast in space! Flash-Gordon!
Jonny is an astronaut in space looking for a galaxy! Galaxy-QUEST!
Astronaut Jonny searches for a star in space! Its Odd to see a Child in Space! Star-QUEST:The Odyssey!
Astronauts "Have a Cigarette" while in space! Avatar! ('Av-A-Tar!)
Astronauts give each other "Hi-5's" when they find a place of great wealth in space! Babylon-5!
The 5th place of great wealth the astronauts visit or create in space! Babylon-5!
Astronaut BUCK says "Roger" in space during the 25th century! Buck-Rogers In The 25th Century!
An astronaut gives Roger a "Buck" in space during the 25th century! Buck-Rogers In The 25th Century!
The astronauts go past the stars while fighting, but did they "Plan-it? (Planet?) Battle Beyond the Stars!
Astronaut Gordon takes pictures with a flash camera in space! Flash-Gordon!
Astronauts follow someone or something in space! Star-Track! (Star-Trek!)  
Where astronauts race stars in space! Star-Track! (Star-Trek!)
Astronauts put Stars (Back) On Track in space! Star-Track! (Star-Trek!)
Astronauts make a Track out of or use Stars as a Track in Space! Star-Track! (Star-Trek!)
Astronauts "Mark" stars as they travel in space! Star-Track!/The Making of Star-Track! (Star-Trek/The Making of Star Trek!)
Astronauts are "Troopers" for traveling space in a Star-Shaped Ship! Star-Ship-Troopers!
Astronauts are troopers traveling space in a Star-Shaped Ship! Star-Ship-Troopers!
Astronauts play a "GAME" in space using "Japanese" battleships! Space-BATTLESHIP-Yamato!
Astronauts take and use a "Japanese" battleship in space! Space-Battleship-Yamato!
The astronauts use Vehicles to get around in space! Explorers!
The astronauts go Far to "Escape" space or while in space! Far-Scape!
The astronauts go Far to Escape a peace-keeping war while in space! "Far-Scape:The Peacekeeper Wars!"
The astronauts look for a galaxy! Galaxy Quest!
Only ONE astronaut is a "Capricorn!" Capricorn One!
The astronauts spaceship lands on Venus, THEN they get out! FIRST Spaceship ON Venus!
The astronauts shuttle gets all "Torn-Up" in a galaxy! Galaxy of Tear'r! (Galaxy of Terror!)
The astronauts are Afraid to explore or travel in a galaxy! Galaxy of Terror!
The astronauts say/prove Space is Not a good place to live or be! Doom!
One astronaut takes a Voyage from Earth to a Star and back! Earth-Star-Voyager!
Astronauts Count while Unhappy or while going back Down to earth! Count-Down!
Astronauts conquer things in space! Conquest of Space!
The astronauts "Shorted-Out" a star! Dark Star!
The astronauts see a Star with a nice tan! Dark Star!
The astronauts were Frozen-In-Time while in space! The Day The Earth Stood Still!
Space makes/leaves a Deep-Impact on the astronauts! Deep Impact!
An Event when the astronauts see the Horizon! Event Horizon!
An Event where astronauts express their "Horizon" In or Of Space! Event-Horizon!
The astronauts find or create an Ave of Tar in space! Avatar! (Ave-a/of/Tar!)
The strain on evergreen shrubs in space! "The Andromeda Strain!"
Moving and/or planting evergreen shrubs in space "Strains" the astronauts! "The Andromeda Strain!"
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