I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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Sent It Bill 5

(Senate Bill 5= Sent-It-Bill-Hi-5!)
Sent-It-Bill and giving a Hi-5, They want a more-perfect "Union! Most thought we were in a "Strict-Land" before, now it's (Not AFL-CIO) Awful-Ceo's (Presidents) and Govern-Ours wanting to Govern-Us!
Kay-Sick? Yes, and we're All-Sick! It's "Bye" the people and "Fore" the people as they "Hit" us with Laws Not Of the people! Their Bragging Rights not our Bargaining Rights! It's not Ask-Me (AFS-CME) but Tell-Me as they take "Working-Class" to School as we Sity-In Council! (City-Council!) They're not worried about us Fighting their Fire or Workers Rights as they Write-On saying they're Right-On! Even Home-Owes are not Safe, you can Bank on that! It's no longer 3 Strikes and You're Out, but One/They Won and are having a Ball!

Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley All Rights Reserved!

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