I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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President 2012 A

After Candidates selected and President elected, The President, Candidates and/or All Americans will be Poll'd Over, but Can/And/Or Will they be Arrested?
None of the Candidate's have a chance to win "Florida!" "Their" Dolphins are Highly Intelligent/Smart!
Why Candidates in Florida? To show support of Gator-Bull!
Every Candidate/Politician counts on Winning Florida! Orange-County!
Every Candidate/Politician counts on Winning Florida just by saying Go Vote! A-Polls and Oranges!
Candidates/Politicians seek Gator-Aid to help them win Florida!
All Candidates can make Bold Statements and/or Moves in Florida! Why? Florida is "Gator-Bol'd!"
Candidate that Cooks things up best wins Florida proving they can Handle a Pan! Florida Pan-Handle!
Candidate that Cooks up something Special will Win Florida and/or the Pan-Handle!
Candidate that is Music to voters Ears in Florida will be and/or win the "Florida Keys!"
Newt Gingrich has best chance to win Florida due to "Jaguars!" He won S. Carolina who had "Panthers!"
Candidate that claims to love "Dolphins" can and will Win Florida! Dolphins are highly intelligent/smart!
Ron Paul is guaranteed to WIN! Just Go by Paul and get people to "Revere" him! "Paul Revere!"
Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) can Not win Florida by saying he's from the North Poll/Pole since Florida is South can He?
Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) CAN win Florida by saying he's from the North Poll/Pole, plus say Christmas is Coming!
Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) CAN win Florida by saying he's from the North Poll/Pole and/or I'll remember you at Christmas! 
Newt Gingrich can win election by joking, then say there's a Newt-Kid in Town!  
Voters were not joking/kidding. so elected Newt Gingrich! Voters want a Newt Kid in Town as President!
Candidate needs to win Key-West! It's South, Not West Florida, so How West Was and Election Will-Be Won!
People, maybe Santa-Rum (Santorum) can't stop saying how the "-Grich" Stole South Carolina!
The Candidates/Politicians that lose in Florida can Blame it on Miami "Vice!"
Romney has best chance to win Florida! A Mitt, so the Miami "Vice" can't get a Grip-On/Stop Him from winning!
Candidates use "Beaches" and those who love "Them" to "Snuff -Out" the Competition in Florida! Beach/Beech-Nuts!
Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich should just STAY in Florida, where most Retired people Live!
Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich have a good chance to win Florida, a lot of Retired people!
Candidates don't just want Gainesville/"Gain's-Ville" Florida, they want to win the Whole State!
Any candidate that loses Florida even thoug they had Gainsville has to count his "Gain's" as Losses! 
I "FIGured" out why Gingrich won South Carolina! A TON of people Liked him! Fig-Newt-Ton!
Newt Gingrich Will NOT win Florida! They're Oranges, Not Figs or Newtons! A Ton of People won't Like him!
Mitt Romney said to Florida, You are my Sunshine, and if he wins he can finally say "My ONLY Sunshine!"
Jon "Hunts-Man" doesn't have much chance of winning Florida! Apples maybe but not Tomato's, they're for Oranges!
Jon Hunts-Man hasn't hear of Apples and Oranges since he doesn't realize Tomato's don't have a chance in Florida!
Jon "Hunts-Man HAS a chance if Florida if they want Change! Florida may want Tomato's and not Apples-N-Oranges!
Jon Hunts-Man has the advantage in Election! He has Tomato's to throw at the other Bad Apples in Presidential Race! 

Copyright 2012 Bryan Schooley

Why does everyone love watching Candidates Debate in Florida? Everyone Loves the Gator-BULL!
Did you see the Gator-Bull? I did, the Candidates had their debate in Florida, and it was "Bull!"
Someone said Santa-Rum (Santorum) was "Given" Iowa, not Newt! The "-Grich" can try to steal Christmas!
Santa-Rum? (Santorum?) I thought the "-Grich" is who stole Iowa? No, it's Not Christmas, and it wasn't a Gift, He earned it!
Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) actually won Iowa because its the/a North-Poll! (Pole!)
Rick Santorum actually won Iowa's Caucus/Call-Kiss! "Music" to someone's ears but No "Kiss" and Make-UP for it!
It was a "Sweet" deal and Candy-Coated when Rick Sontorum actually won the Iowa Caucus/Call-Kiss!
Ron Paul hasn't won? Because he didn't make a Killing and/or no one wanted to be a Paul "Bearer!"
Candidates hand out/Call-On "Candy" to win election at the "Caucuses/Call-Kisses!"
Candidates Play/Have-Perform/Call-On Rock Music/Musicians to win election at the "Caucuses/Call-Kiss's!" 
Is Ron-Paul a name you Can Trust? He could just Blame his other Name! Ron did it, No, Paul did it!
Ron-Paul did NOT win the/any Presidential election! Everyone's confusesd, Call him "Ron or Paul?"
Ron didn't win in South Carolina because they are Not or Don't Like/Want South-Paw's/Paul's!
Ron didn't have a Ball in South Carolina! He is a Paul/Paw but not a "Panther!"
Ron Paul gets made fun of most! With all the "Name" calling, he gets "Twice" the amount!
A Lot/Ton of people Will or Will NOT vote for Newt, since don't like Figs and/or Newt-Tons! (Newtons!) 
All Newt Gingrich said was He Loves "Pink" and Won South Carolina! They Love the "Panthers!" (Pink-Panthers!)
Gingrich would be great for Healthy Americans/America! Fig "Newt'ns healthy, sweet and Good for you! 
"Mitt" Romney had Angels on the Prowl in Outfield of S.Carolina! He didn't win, they like Panthers/Football Not Baseball!
All other Candidates keep "Ginger" with them to keep Newt busy, thus Ginger-Itch! (Ging-Rich!)
Newt is "Allergic" to Ginger! Newt Ginger-Itch! (Newt Gingr-ich!)
Newt Gingrich is candidate people can Drink To! Thus, Southern-Comfort!
Song of the South....Carolina, How the "Grich" Stole South Carolina and music to your ears!
Why can't Gingrich accept your trumpet, horn, etc? Can't Newt your own Horn!
Why can't you give Gigrich your Trumpet/Horn/Etc? So you can't Newt your Own Horn!
It is Plane how a Candidate is Guaranteed to win Ohio! Say he is a "Wright" Wing! Right?!!!
If Romney drops out of the Presidential Race Before/During the Ohio vote, He Is/We Are "O-Mitted!"
If Romney Wins Ohio, He Is/We Are "O-Mitted!" But if Omitted, how did He Win?
Mitt Romney Can Not win Ohio because he automatically would be Omitted/O-Mitt'd!
Candidates? The Lunatics "Left," didn't want to be Radical and say they were Right/Wright Wing'd!
Candidate that lends most to Ohio/Ohioans wins Ohio! They were Oh'd/Owed/O'd the Most!
Candidate that Lost/didn't promise anything to Ohio/Ohioans is Owe-No and/or O-No and/or Oh-NO!
Candidates that Lost in Ohio are "Literally" O-No and/or OH-No!
Candidate that lost and/or did NOT Borrow from Ohio/Ohioans is Owe-No and/or O-No and/or Oh-No!
Candidate that wins/won Ohio is Literally O-Yes and/or Oh-Yes and Owe-Yes, He Owes Ohio/Ohioans his best As President!
How Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) Win Ohio? You Still want to be Part of the North Poll (Pole) Don't YOU?
Rick Santorum (Santa-Rum) already has Ohio Won, Its the/a North Poll! (Pole!) 
Copyright 2012 Bryan Schooley

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