I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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More Columbus

He has a good day, he helps someone or someone helps him have a "Good" day! Good-Day-Columbus!
Tell him or he tells you "Good Day!" Good-Day-Columbus!
Good Day Columbus? It should be Great-Day-Columbus, He Discovered America!
He was an explorer and not a fighter! That's why it's not Good-(K)NIGHT-Columbus but Good-DAY-Columbus!
He tells a fox or a "Fox" or a "Fox" tells him Good-Day! "FOX" Good-Day-Columbus!
He has a good morning, tell him or he tells you Good-Morning! Good-Morning-Columbus!
He is glad someone died or someone is glad he died! Good-Morning-Columbus! OR Good-Mourning-Columbus!
He is safe in a "Hogan" during a Gale in the daytime! Daytime-Columbus-With-GALE(Gail)-Hogan!

Tell him or he tells you to Bring Your Own Boat! Columbus B.Y.O.B.! or B.Y.O.B Columbus!
He discovers land or HE DISCOVERED AMERICA WHILE OUT SAILING! Out-Land Columbus!
He "Read" the enemy, waited to see the Whites of their eyes and Fired! Red-White and BOOM Columbus!
He has an "R" shaped "Bar!" R-Bar Columbus!
Someone tells him that a bar is theirs also! Our-Bar-Columbus! (R-Bar Columbus!)
His boat is a "Fort" that protects him from "Rapids!" Fort-Rapids-Columbus!
He sails his boat fast to or from a Fort! Fort-Rapids-Columbus!
Human Resources keeps him from sailing or doing something! H&R-Block-Columbus!
He had perfume in a channel! Channel #5! (Chanel # 5!)
The 5th channel he traveled in was full of perfume! Channel #5! (Chanel #5!)
He travels in a 4th channel! Channel 4 Columbus!  
He travels in a 6th channel! Channel 6 Columbus!
He travels in a 10th channel! Channel 10 Columbus! 
He had a Fox for 28 years or at age 28! Fox 28 Columbus!
He was a "Fox" for 28 years or at age 28! Fox 28 Columbus!
He "Enters" to win a prize in Ohio! Enterprise Columbus, Ohio!

He knows Sant's last name! It is Maria! Columbus "Santa-Maria!"
He knows Sant's wife's name is Maria! Columbus "Santa-Maria!"
He Creates a "Habitat" for Humanity or he takes Humanity to their Habitat! Columbus Habitat For Humanity!
He has a ball that jingles or he has a "Ball" singing, humming or listening to a jingle! Columbus-Jingle-Ball!
He "Whistles" while he is working! Columbus Whistle Factory!
He has a 3-Foot wooden boat! Columbus Lumber Yard!
He wrecks a wooden boat in a yard or after only going 3 feet! Columbus Lumber Yard!
He makes his office out of posts! Columbus Post-Office!
He is For being married! Columbus United-Way!

He is "Afraid" to take a cab! Columbus Yellow Cab!
He yells for a cab in a low voice or yells quietly in a cab! Columbus Yell-Low Cab! (Columbus Yellow Cab!)
A quiz about him OR He takes or gives a quiz! Columbus Quiz or Quiz's! Also Columbus Quiz-Knows! (Quizno's!)
No quiz about him or about what you know about him! Columbus Quiz-No's or Quiz-Knows! (Columbus Quizno's!)
He answers NO or Doesn't answer something on a quiz! Columbus Quiz-No's! (Columbus Quizno's!)
He knows answers to a quiz! Columbus Quiz-Knows! (Columbus Quiznos!)
His candybar! Also, He is In or Watches a marathon! Columbus Marathon!
No One can "Steal" America! Columbus Country Club!
He "Home-Cooked" a club sandwich! Columbus-Country-Club!
His "Club" plays country music! Columbus Country Club!
His first vehicle helped him See/travel the world! Columbus Explorer!

OF Course he was homeless at first, he just Discovered America! Columbus Homeless Guy!
I thought "Ben" discovered electric! His electric OR Him discovering America was "Electrifying and/or Shocking!" Columbus Electric!
He finally got breakfast in bed or he finally had a bed, something to eat and a way to cook it! Columbus Bed And Breakfast!

He "Oils" his vegetables! Now Not "Squeaky" Clean! Columbus Vegetable Oils!
His first Earthquake or RockSlide or the first one on American "Soil!" Columbus First Land-Fall! OR 1st Land-Fall Columbus!
He was the first to fall on (A) Land! Columbus First Land-Fall! OR 1st Land-Fall Columbus!
His first "Land" was OR he owned his first piece of land "In The Fall!" Columbus First Land-Fall! OR 1st Land-Fall Columbus!
Him on His land or "Our" land in the fall for the First time! Columbus First Land-Fall! OR 1st Land-Fall Columbus!
The first time he "Landed" when he fell! Columbus First Land-Fall! OR 1st Land-Fall Columbus!
He Owns core or a core! (An apple core, apple on a core!) Columbus Core-Owner! (Columbus Coroner!)
Facts about him or he tells facts! Columbus Facts!
He has or drinks a BEER! Columbus-Corona'r! (Columbus Coroner!)
He is at, found "IN" the library or he Has a library! Columbus Library!
He is Kosher! Columbus Kosher!
What he eats or food he has! Columbus Foods!
He sells or "Marks" fish! Columbus Fish-Mark-It and/or Fish Market!
He has fun on a bus or a bus that is fun to drive! Columbus Fun Bus! OR Fun Bus Columbus!
His funny bone or it's funny he eats or chews on bones! Columbus Funny Bone!
He yelps or acts or sounds like a dog! Columbus Yelp!
He goes "Tubing," he has or gives tubing to someone! Columbus Tubing!
He Hews a Mane in Society! Columbus Hew-Mane Society!
He Hews a "Main" walkway/roadway/route/etc in or for Society! Columbus Hew-Main Society!
He acts Humane in Society! Columbus Humane Society!
He "Cuts/Hews" people from Maine's Society! Columbus Hew-Maine Society!
His "Chamber," the part of his gun or he is in a "Chamber! Columbus Chamber!
He did or watched ballet as a youth OR he has or watches youth perform ballet! Columbus Youth Ballet!
He is or can be religious, a Christian or a churgh-goer! Columbus Xenos Church!
The bridge of his nose, he's in the center of a bridge or game or he plays bridge as/with a "Center!" Columbus Bridge Center!
He has or bails hay or straw; or he has "Bonds" in a company that sells bale/bail products/services!  Columbus Bale-Bonds! (Bail-Bonds!)
His spine is in the middle of his body! Columbus Spine "Center!"
He used cars or has used cars! Columbus Used Cars!  
He is in traffic! Columbus Traffic!
He travels or stories about him traveling! Columbus Travel!
Where he gets or gives advice or help if hurt or about traveling! Travel-Clinic-Columbus!
He gives advice or talks about traveling anywhere in the world! Travel-Clinic-Columbus!

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He made fun of and/or he removed a patch with "Fire" on it! Columbus Fire-Dis-Patch! (Dispatch!)
He burnt his newspaper when finished with it! Columbus Fire Dispatch!
His department "Fires" unwanted people or builds/starts fires! Columbus Fire Department!
He visits Kansas OR He fires his sister! Columbus "Can-Sis!" (Columbus Kansas!)
He vistis Kentucky OR He tucks in his relatives! Columbus Kin-Tucky! Columbus Kentucky!
He is worth as much as Ken! (So he can keep "Truckin!") Columbus Kenworth!
He visits Georgia OR He introduces you to George! Columbus George-Ya! (Columbus Georgia!)
He fixes/how he fixes a flat tire OR how he charges his phone! Columbus Jack!
He visits Indiana! Columbus Indiana!
He sees, owns or is on an Isle! Columbus Isle!
He got married! Columbus Aisle! (Columbus Isle!)
He dusts trees that are inside! Columbus In-Dust-Trees! (Columbus Industries!)
He has, uses or writes with ink; OR Someone gives him or writes his name in ink! Columbus Ink!
He has or takes a video or a video of him! Columbus Video!
Where he learned to play, played or taught volleyball! Columbus Volleyball Academy!
A "Fest" makes him Ail or he makes someone/others Ail at a fest! Columbus Ail Fest! (Columbus Ale Fest!)
He takes, drinks or someone gives him beer at a Fest! Columbus Ale Fest!
He really has an estate! Columbus Real-Estate!
He says if a state is real or not! Columbus Real-A-State! (Columbus Real-Estate!)
He takes or gives reels to a state! Columbus Reel-A-State! (Columbus Real Estate!)
His estate is "Fishy" or he fishes in a state! Columbus Reel-A-State! (Columbus Real Estate!)
He started or went to public schools! Columbus Public Schools!
Restaurants he likes, manages or owns! Columbus Restaurants!
He is a tech or in a "Tech!" Columbus Tech!
He is in, runs or owns a university! Columbus University!
He visits a city that is OR His "City" is "Out Of This World!" Columbus Universe-City! (Columbus University!)
He is in a cave or tunnel, Or digs a tunnel! Columbus "Under-Ground!"
He is in a cave or tunnel to get rum! Columbus Underground For-Rum! (Forum!)
He is in a cave or tunnel to twit or twits "In A Cave OR In A Tunnel!" Columbus Underground Twitter!
He is in a cave or tunnel and found the best restaurant(s!)! Columbus Underground Best Restaurant(s!)!
The weather while he is in a cave or tunnel! Columbus Underground Weather!
He doesn't know whether he is in a cave/tunnel or if the cave/tunnel is underground! Columbus Underground Whether!
Show him a quilt, He shows or watches a show about a quilt, or he has a quilt with "Show" on it! Columbus Quilt Show! 

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He is tired of "Realtors," he sold real-estate himself or he was on a board of relators! Columbus Bored (Board) of Relators!
He had to be "IT" playing games OR for answers he was IT! Columbus IT!
He has half of a candy-bar, he gets half of his gas at a gas-station And a Half-Gallon is all he could afford! Columbus Half Marathon!
He runs half of a marathon! Columbus Half Marathon!
Entertain him or he entertains you! Columbus Entertainment!
Events celebrating him or that he is in! Also, he gets mad and "Vents!" Columbus-(HE/)E-Vents!/Columbus Events!
Those who count how many times he "Cussed" at them! Columbus Cussed'em Counters! (Columbus Custom Counters!)
His "Customs" count OR those who count his "Custom(s)! Columbus Custom Counters!
His equipment! Columbus Equipment!
He is an auditor or his auditor! Columbus Auditor!
He "Rents" autos or rents his auto! Columbus Auto Rental!
He sells, buys back and sells again an auto! Columbus Auto ReSeller!
He automatically goes back in a cellar or he puts an "Auto" back in the cellar! Columbus Auto Re-Cellar!/ Reseller!
He automatically puts on another sail or wants to sail again! Columbus Auto-Re-Sail! (Columbus Auto Resale!)
He automatically re-sells something he bought OR he puts another sail on his car/auto! Columbus Auto Re-Sail! (Resale!)
He shreads a piece of paper with "Auto" on it or he shreads an auto! Columbus Auto Shredding!
He automatically sprays her, someone or something OR his sprayer is automatic! Columbus Automatic Sprayer!
Having Fun is Key to him, he has fun in the "Keys," he has fun with a key or HE is a Key to having fun! Columbus Wiki!
We/us learning about Him, he has Fun or he is Tiny! Columbus Wee!/Columbus We!/ (Columbus Wi!)
He comes to a "Y," he asks why or someone asks him why! Columbus-Y/Columbus-Why!/(Columbus-Wi!)
He looks in a magazine for a bride or gives his bride a magazine or his bride's magazine! Columbus Bride Magazine!
He "Rocks," where he gets rocks from or he owns a quarry!  Columbus Quarry!
His hospital(s) or one's he goes to! Columbus Hospital(s)!
His Hotels or ones he stays at! Columbus Hotels!
His hotels or ones he stays at in an "Unhappy" town! Columbus Hotels Down-Town!
He is a DJ OR he voices his opinion Via or his voice On The Radio! Columbus Radio Voice!
He shows an RV, watches a show about an RV OR has an "RV" at or to watch a show! Columbus "RV" Show!
He parks an RV OR he has a RV or an "RV(Rendezvous)" at a park! Columbus RV Park!
He saw a UFO while exploring! OR He shoots at a UFO! Columbus UFO "Sighting!"
He has a vine thats 3 foot long, vines in his yard OR has a vineyard! Columbus Vine-Yard! (Columbus Vineyard!)
His wife, daughter or mother "Every Month!" Columbus MONTHLY!

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He plays a "Bar" on a piano! Columbus Piano Bar!

He "Stores" pets on his boats! Columbus Pet Stores!
His "Ma," maul or he owns or is at a mall! Columbus Mall! (Columbus Ma or Maul!)
Paper he uses to do "Other" things than to read or write on! Columbus "Other" Paper!
He brings a House-Boat in from somewhere else! Columbus Import House!
He uses a House-Boat to import people or things! Columbus Import House!
He keeps or stores Jewelry! Columbus Jewelry Stores!
He has 3 feet of or Three "Yards" full of junk! Columbus Junk Yards!
He gains/puts on 3 feet of fat/waist! Columbus Yard Waist/Waste Pickup!
He puts 3 feet or Three "Yards" full of junk in a "Truck" or his boat! Columbus Yard Waste Pickup!
He picks up Yard-Waste! Columbus Yard Waste Pickup!
He gives or gets a Head Start! Columbus Head-Start!
He starts to use the Main sail! Columbus Head-Start!
How he keeps his yachts/boats from being stolen! Columbus-Yacht-Club!
He travels by water in the fall or he falls in the water in the Fall! Columbus Water-Fall!
He pays Tax for his Sails! Columbus Sales/Sails Tax!
He connects or keeps his sails "UP" using Tacks! Columbus Sales/Sails Tax/Tacks!
The hole or drain in his sink! Columbus-Sink-Hole!
His Whole ship "Sinks!" Columbus-Sink-Hole/Whole!
He is an umpire in a game or the umpires when he plays a game! Columbus Umpires!
He has a police boat! Columbus Swat!
He swats at bugs! Columbus Swat!
His children or "Goats" eat free! Columbus Kids Eat Free!
He gives or gets deals when leasing boats! Columbus Lease Deals!
He takes his nails to "Salons" before using them to fix his boat! Columbus Nail Salon!
The "Salon(s)" he takes his Nails to! Columbus Nail Salon!
He gets stuck in Snow! Columbus Snow Emergency!
He goes "Undercover," is a spy or has a lot of energy! Columbus Wired!
He lost or loses weight! Cloumbus Hazardous Waste/Waist Disposal!
He thinks the hours he is happy are Special! Columbus Happy Hour Specials!
He gives or gets "Specials" the hours he is Happy! Columbus Happy Hour Specials!
He has Fun kicking a ball or he plays kickball! Columbus Kick-Ball!
His boat leaks water through the door while parked! Columbus In-Door Water-Park!
He parks in water, parks his Boat in water OR waters plants at a park! Columbus Water-Park(s)!
He asks, "What is Park and/or What Are Parks?" Columbus What'r/What-Are Park(s?) (Columbus Waterparks!)
He visits a "Mouse" near a Gulf! Columbus Mini-Golf!
His Indoor Water Park or he goes In the door of a boat parked on the water! Columbus In-Door Water-Park!
He was effective, in a "Pact" or he is "Packed!" Columbus Impact!/Columbus I'm-Pact!/ Columbus I'm-Packed!
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Approve of what he did or he approves of what someone else did! Bravo Columbus!

He gives Rus/Russ Toys! Toys' Rus/Russ Columbus! (Toys-R'us Columbus!)
He leaves an aisle or Isle! Ex-Ile Columbus or Ex-Aisle Columbus!
He can't keep up with "Bikes" while sailing! Columbus Bike Trails!
He talks about "Bars" or in bars! Columbus Bar Association!
He still avoids taking a bus! Columbus Bus-Stay-Shun! (Columbus Bus Station!) 
The "Station" or music he listens to or plays on a bus! Columbus Bus Station!
He sounds like a dog,"Dogs" someone or someone sounds like a dog to or "Dogs" him! Yelp Columbus!
He hauls a Limo from a stream to somewhere else! "Ex-Stream" Limo Columbus! (Extreme Limo Columbus!)
He contacts Ewe/Sheep using a radio! Radio-U Columbus! (Radio-Ewe-Columbus!)
His hall is "U-shaped, he has Ewe in his hall or he hauls ewes!" U-Hall Columbus and/or U-Haul Columbus!
He owes Neil tents or for tents! O'Neil Tents!/Owe-Neil-Tents Columbus!
He says Oh about Neil is Tense or his Tents! Oh-Neil-Tents and/or Oh-Neil-Tense Columbus! (O'Neil Tents!)
He makes Neil or uses Neil's "O-Shaped" tents! O'Neil Tents Columbus!
Tell him he can choose or to make his Own choices! U-Pick-It Columbus!
Tell him to play a banjo/instrument, or to pick his own fruits/vegetables or his NOSE! You/U-Pick-It Columbus!
Tell him to choose someone or something! You/U-Pick-It-Columbus!
Tell him to fight for his rights or to go on strike! U-Picket-Columbus! (U-Pick-It Columbus!)
He cooks with a skillet, gives someone a skillet or someone gives him a skillet! Skillet Columbus!
He teaches someone or something skills! Skill-It Columbus! (Skillet Columbus!)
Places or things He discovers, starts, discovered or started! Origins Columbus!
His "View!" Outlook Columbus!
He looks "Out To Sea" or out a window! Out-Look Columbus!
He Lands on a ball field out to sea or see's someone get "Out" on a ballfield! Out-Land Columbus!
He discovers, "Runs Into" or is ON a "Sand-Bar" while out sailing! Out-Land Columbus!
He falls and "Lands" in water! Out-Land Columbus!
I play tennis with Columbus! I-Love-Columbus!
I love what he did and does, especially discovering America! I love Columbus!
He plays or just deals cards! Columbus Deals!
He negotiates! Columbus Deals!
He deals with what happens in life or how life treats him! Columbus Deals!
Copyright 2011 Bryan Schooley
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