I wanted to start out with a BANG, but the Barber cut All my Hair Off!
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End of World 5-21-11

The End of the World???!!!

Won't be "World-News-TONIGHT!"
Wild-World-Of-Sports? Yes, its a Race to the End! One guy thinks He is the World-Leader!

I think someone's Hair got Old while Camping (Har-old Camping) and their brain also!
When the world doesn't end it wont be "Plan-It" but "Plan-B" on the Planet! Need another "Out of This World" IDEA!
If they are right about the world ending, it is "Whirl-Winned" and Happy Camper!
If they are Not right about the world ending, it is "Whirl-Wind" and Un-Happy-Camper!
This guy wants to be the "World-Leader!" He definitely is Not "Earth-Sure!"
He's truly taking a "Gamble" so at least it is a "Better-World!"

End of the Whirl'd/World! Or, End of Whirl'd/World as We Know It!
1) The Axis breaks or the world/planet stops spinning!
2) Change the name of Planet, World, Earth, All Continents and Oceans, etc. for end of World as We know it!
3) I finished writing or typing the word World!
4) Put punctuation at the end of the word World!
5) Cross-Out, Blot-Out, Erase or "White-Out" part or all of the word World!
6) Put a piece of paper in a shredder with the word World on it!
7) Drop, break, burn or destroy a "Globe!"
9) A helicoper Crashes or Stops Running!
10) A "Soap Opera" ends and/or stops Turning, so it's not As the World Turns!
11) Earth "Angel" must not care or been paying attention!

NOTE: Did you hear that a helicopter caught a worm? The "Whirly-Bird" catches a Worm!"
NOTE: If you don't like "Global-Warming" then don't use a "Globe" as a Light Fixture, use nothing or a different Shape! 

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